120-Pound Weight Loss: “I Wanted To Be A Better Me”

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Achanty or Achanty T. as she’s known on social media, is just downright gorgeous. One look at her and you’ll see that her toned body just screams zero body fat and her abs are something out of a magazine. So it’s hard to believe that this beauty was once 250 pounds and struggle with her self-image, depression and wrong eating habits.


Achanty is down-to-earth and shares her tips to anyone willing to listen. After her successful weight loss, she built a budding fitness company and is now an entrepreneur and owner Fit Freak Activewear. Getting to this point was a journey for her, but he’s how she did it.

achanty2 (Photo credit: @achanty.t Instagram)

“My initial motivation was getting a revenge body,” confess Achanty to Black Women Losing Weight. “However, the more I learned about fitness, the more I began to love it and started doing it for me. I wanted to work on being a better me. My starting weight was 250 pounds and I got down to 130 pounds. Then, I gained about 10 pounds of muscle weight.”

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So how did it start? Many people would assume with some form of exercise, but for Achanty it all started with a combination of things, mainly being her diet.

“My eating habits changed drastically. I ate more meals in proper portions every 2-3 hours. I also cut sugary foods out my diet . I carb cycle now as well. I eat vegetables daily, paired with various types of protein. I also prep all my meals in advance.”

“I work out daily, doing a mixture of cardio and weight lifting, but when I first started exercising I was just doing cardio. I workout 6 days a week on average.”

As far as advice for those who are looking to lose weight as well, Achanty has this to say:

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“Do it for you and remain consistent. Don’t give up! Also, realize that sometimes you’ll feel yourself changing before you see it. I am happy to be motivating, inspiring and challenging people…

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