17 Tricks for a Successful Weight Loss

Are you persistently trying to lose the extra pounds, but you simply cannot get it done? If so, you should try some of these magical tricks. If you apply them regularly, they will make your figure slimmer and improve your immune system.


Dilute the juice with water

Combine your favorite juice with tap or mineral water, so you can cut even 85 calories per cup and lose approximately 2-3 kilograms in one year.

Pay attention to the food composition

If you are thinking that the candy, snacks or soda that you have just consumed contain about 200 calories, you’re wrong. If you take a closer look at the food labels, you might find some surprising details.

Have a cup of green tea before going for a walk

Caffeine releases fatty acids, which facilitate fat burning. When polyphenols, which are contained in green tea, team up with caffeine, the effect is even better, but people suffering from high blood pressure should avoid this tip.

Avoid dietetic beverages

Dietetic beverages reduce calories for a short period of time, but the fact is that you actually eat much more later on.

Bring lunch to work

If you spend your lunch break in a restaurant or ordering fast food five times a week or even more often then you enter at least 300 calories more than you should. Homemade lunch is always the best solution because it is healthier and less fattening.

Use olive oil instead of butter

Olive oil is healthier and will help you quench your hunger. According to one study, examinees who dipped their bread in olive oil consumed 52 calories less than the ones who ate bread smeared with butter.

Have ground flaxseeds with cereal

Flaxseeds contain high amount of fiber, which can help curb your appetite and eliminate calories. Put flaxseeds into your morning meal and mix it with yogurt.

Another healthy tip: Bake healthy biscuits with sesame and flaxseeds and have delicious nibbles all day long.

Double your water intake

If you are used to drink bottled water at work, make sure you always have it in large amounts, because in that way you will enter more fluid and less food into your body.

Deceive your senses

Sucking on a peppermint or eucalyptus candy can “fool” the sense of taste and immediately stop food cravings.

Spice up your meals

Add chili into your food to suppress appetite.

Stop cutting vegetables while making salad

Instead of cutting or grating vegetables, tear them by hand. Chewing it you will make a greater effort as well as eat less.

Invite your friends to come over

Once you’re feeling lonely, invite your friends to come over. Spend some quality time hanging out, instead of staying home alone eating sweets or snacks by yourself.

Hide the remote control

If you stop using TV, DVD or garage door remote control, you make more moves and burn additional 200 calories per day.

Buy smaller food packages

Although larger packages of some food products are cheaper than the smaller ones, try to buy smaller packages because this way you will eat 44 percent less food than you normally do.

Order fish

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (such as tuna, salmon, mackerel or cod) can beat bad cholesterol.

Obese people who eat fish on a daily basis as part of their low-fat diet, lose even 20 percent more of their weight than those who don’t eat fish at all.

Put motivational messages on visible places

In order to motivate yourself to lose weight, put motivational messages all over the place, especially fridge, TV or a computer, to remind yourself of your goal.

Drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration can slow your metabolism by about three percent. For example, when body weighs 68 kilograms, this would mean 45 calories less per day, making a total of 2 or 3 kilograms less per year. Therefore we warmly advise you to take in more fluids.

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