345-Pound Woman Went Through Weight Loss Journey And Recorded The Whole Process


“Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind, change your body.”


It takes a lot to lose weight. We have to give up all the delicious food that we eat when we are stressed, go out and exercise when we are so tired in the morning or after work, and fight against most of our own desire. Here is the story of a woman who went through all of this.

Since before the time she could remember, Tracy had been bullied about her overweight. Even when she was in kindergarten, her classmates teased her with hateful names in front of her and behind her back.

People around her had been lectured her for life about her diet and her body. Doctors told her that she need to lose her weight for her entire life but what she learned was to hide her fears and deny her feelings about herself.

She ate more to reduce her stress and it was a vicious cycle. She denied recognizing her fears and pretended to be happy for her life but she was miserable inside.


When she became 345 pounds, Tracy was at high risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. She realized the seriousness of the problem and wanted desperately to change her life.

However, since everyone around her already tired of telling her to change, many people gave up motivating and helping her.

This is why I was so amazed by her. Tracy visited doctors and training center by herself and sought for professional help.

In the video below, she says, “little by little, I learned to get better and no matter how bad it hurt I kept going because I finally started to feel good about myself.”

By the end of the video, you can see Tracy looks so happy and feels good about herself while exercising. After a year of her limitless effort, she lost 200 pounds without drugs or surgery.

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