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If you exercise regularly and want to get a great overall workout, power racks can work wonders because they allow you to store all of your weights in one convenient location, and you can get to those weights easily and quickly. The biggest advantage to these cages is the fact that you can personalize them to suit your needs, which means everything you need will be at your fingertips at all times.


Since the right best power rack with lat pulldown can be a challenge to find, we’ve done a little bit of research for you and found 7 of the best power cages on the market today, which are described below.

1. Rogue RML-690C Power Rack with Monster Lat Pulldown/Low Row

Although a bit pricy at a little more than $2,500, this power rack has everything you’ll ever need to get great workouts every time. It is a heavy-duty rack that weighs 555 lbs and stands at 96” tall. It is made out of steel but has powder coatings and comes in a black design with red highlights, which means it looks great as well as works great.

With this power rack, you get a 300-lb weight stack that comes in 10-lb increments, and the foam seat is a perfect size at 16.5” x 6.25”. The foam leg roller assembly offers a total of six adjustment positions that are spaced 1” on the center. In addition, the rack is compatible with any existing 3×3” Monster Series rack or rig. In other words, this particular rack is the rack-mounted version of the Monster Lat Pulldown and Low Row machine.

Other features of this rack include a lat bar made out of stainless steel, an adjustable footplate that is diamond tread, and a set of custom-built black carabiners – one for the lat pulldown and another for the low row.

2. Titan T-3 Power Rack with Lat Pulley Tower Combo

Priced from $680 to $720, this combo rack is affordable and therefore easy to choose when you need a great addition to your workout room or garage. Some of the many exercises made easier with this system include the bench press, squats, shrugs, military press, curls, dips, and many others. You can add a lat machine easily thanks to the added pulley tower, and it’s super easy to add your desired weight to the two weight posts so you can start exercising immediately.

With this system, you can select from among several designs, including both short and tall power rack combos with either a 24” or a 36” depth rack. This means that regardless of your workout routine, you’ll be accommodated because you’ll get a personalized system that meets your exercise needs. To make everything even better, this is a sturdy, well-made system that will last for many years to come.

3. NtaifitnessPower Rack with Weight Stack

This is the THEARCHY-2015 system that comes with lots of attachments, including a lat pull-down and a low row position, not to mention the ability to perform dozens of exercises such as deadlifts, upright rows, pull-ups, squats, and many others. You also get features that include a chin-up bar, extra heavy-duty steel tubing for both sturdiness and safety, and a high-quality metallic powder coating so the rack won’t scratch or rust.

The best advantage of this power rack is that it is made to order, which means you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want every time. It is so well-built that you can use it for both personal and commercial use, and its weight of roughly 325 lbs means it will remain in place for a very long time. The NTAiFiTNESS power rack is also reasonably priced at around $1,800, which isn’t much considering what it offers you.

4. Force USA MyRack with Lat-Pulldowns

This is a basic rack that has a 2,000-lb weight capacity and sells for only $400, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t well-made or sturdy. If you have a low ceiling or only a small amount of space to put your workout equipment, the Force USA MyRack is for you. You can bolt it to the floor or let it be freestanding, and it can accommodate you perfectly whether you’re interested in weightlifting, power-lifting, calisthenics, CrossFit training, or anything else.

With this rack, you can perform squats, overhead presses, and bench presses, among others. With laser-cut steel construction and a bulletproof base unit, there’s little wonder that the company offers a lifetime structural warranty with every rack they sell. If you want something high quality without the high price, this rack will not disappoint.

5. Rep PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack with Lat and Row Attachment

At just $275, anyone can afford this high-quality power rack with lat pulldown, but don’t let the low price fool you. Indeed, this is a high-quality system you can use for many years to come, and it can be set up in only 20 minutes. In addition, its features include dual pull-up bars for up to two people, plastic-lined J-cups to protect the finish on the rack and your barbell, adjustments that are both faster and more accurate, and safeties that you can extend out and use to rack a barbell.

This home gym power rack stands at 83” tall and has a 700-lb weight capacity. It has 1.25” and 2” pull-up bars and numbered uprights on every fifth hole for convenience. In fact, from top to bottom it has all sorts of features to make your workouts easier and more effective. With high-quality parts and features that all weight-lifters consider important, this is one power rack you will never regret purchasing.

6. AmStaff TR023 Power/Squat Rack with Lat Pull-Down

With a height of 84” and a lat pull-down attachment and grip dip bars that are included, this power rack is just what you need to get into shape and when you need a well-made rack that is guaranteed to meet all of your exercise needs. It also comes complete with four J-hooks and two stainless-steel barbell safeties to make sure your workout is both safe and efficient.

It comes with a five-year structural warranty and a one-year warranty on all pulleys and cables. It is also so sturdy and reliable that you can use it for both personal and commercial use, and the system is so compact and solid that you can use it without fear of something breaking or not working right. It is also built to last, which means you can enjoy it for many years to come.

7. Cap Power Cage with High-Low Pulleys

With a total weight capacity of 1,300 lbs, this power cage stands at 84” high and has features such as steel tubing for extra durability, six safety catch height adjustments, and two plate storage posts for either your standard plates or your Olympic weight plates. It weighs roughly 110 lbs and has a powder coating so it doesn’t rust or scratch.

This is a well-built power cage without the price you’ll pay for many other models that offer the same things. It stands at a full 84” high and is made out of 12- and 14-gauge steel tubing to give it extra longevity. You get both an upper- and lower-lat/low pulley system to improve your upper-body strength, and it even comes in an attractive blue powder-coat finish to prevent rust and scratches.

The four cold-rolled steel catches will hold the barbell in place and offer versatility all throughout your strength-training routine, and you even get six safety catch height adjustments so that every workout is customized to suit your exercise needs. If you want a power rack with lots of options but a reasonable price, this is the system for you.

This system is made by Cap Barbell, which has had a great reputation in the exercise industry for a very long time. The power cage system is made from top to bottom with very high-quality parts that won’t rust or break, and it’s also a low-maintenance piece of equipment that you can just leave alone and still count on it to work for many years to come.

Buyers Guide for Best Power Cage with Lat Pulldown Tips:

Power racks are large racks – some people call them cages – that hold the different barbells and weights that you use while working out. Some of them have the capability to hold lateral pulldown devices so that you can place a bench underneath the rack, sit on the bench then use the devices to work your upper body. The racks come in various sizes, designs, and of course, price ranges, which makes finding the right one for you a breeze.

Power cages are freestanding and heavy duty, yet you can move them to another location whenever you wish. In fact, you can bolt many of them to the ground if you want them to be permanent, and although you see these cages in most fitness centers, the companies that make them usually offer ones made for home use as well. If you’re serious about your weight-lifting, you need one of these power racks.

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