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Think you’re doing everything possible to reach your weight loss goals? The following 8 tips are often forgotten, but are integral to your success.


Believe in Yourself

Self-doubt is a debilitating feeling to have when it comes to weight loss. You have to do more than just go through the motions. Believing that achieving your goals is possible is the first step towards sustainable weight loss.

That means having the confidence to know you can push yourself during your workouts. It means knowing you are in control of food. It means believing in yourself even when no one else does.

Write it Down

Writing things down is a powerful, yet completely underutilized concept of weight loss. Many people already track their calories, and this is great, but it is only a small part of what you could be doing.

Journal your workouts. Write down your goals, the way you feel before and after meals, and the things you are grateful for. The process of writing things down creates an imprint in your brain that helps your subconscious mind attain the things you want most.

Imagine Yourself in Your Ideal Body

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be at your end goal? I don’t just mean a hazy mental image of what your outward physical appearance will look like either.

Close your eyes and look your ideal body over from head to toe. Notice the way your face, arms, hair, stomach, and legs look. Notice the way you walk and move more agilely. Pay close attention to the way you feel about yourself and your renewed self confidence. Imagining these things with clarity brings you closer to your goals.

Learn to Say No

Saying no is one of the hardest words people have trouble saying. However, you are going to need to get extremely comfortable with saying it if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

That’s because there is going to be an overwhelming amount of temptation and peer pressure on your weight loss journey. Friends, family, work, and leisure time are littered with opportunities to give in and rationalize your unhealthy behaviors.

Be confident and respect yourself enough to say no when your actions don’t align with your goals. The more you say no now, the more you will smile later.

Be Part of a Community

Don’t go at weight loss alone. You are going to need and want support. Even if there is no one close to you that wants to change their lifestyle, you still have options.

The added support will keep you motivated. You can learn from other people’s mistakes. These people will be there to pick you up and keep you pointed in the right direction.

Weight loss communities come in all shapes and sizes. There are weight loss forums and blogs, support groups, group exercise classes, and even one-on-one coaching will help.

Change Your Habits

It’s easy to get caught up in the blueprint of weight loss. In other words, eating a particular thing at a particular time, and doing a series of exercises at a particular intensity for a certain duration.

All of these things are good to do, but they don’t address the problem. Change is what we’re after, and to create change you have to create new habits. That means systematically addressing one behavior at a time until the healthy version becomes second nature.

Don’t Try to Be Perfect

It can be a bit of a mental mind-bender to understand that trying to be perfect works against your weight loss goals. There are people out there that can eat 100% clean while tracking every calorie to a “T”.

For us mere mortals however, a more moderate approach will take us to our end goal. When it comes to food choices, that means following the 80/20 rule (80 percent whole foods and 20 percent “fun” foods).

When it comes to exercise it means not beating yourself up when you miss a workout. Missing a single workout doesn’t negatively impact your goals so long as it doesn’t start a chain reaction. Make more good choices than bad ones, and you’ll continually get closer to your goal.

Eat More Than You Think You Should

Chances are, you could be eating more than you currently are. What do I mean? I mean that the vast majority of healthy lifestyle changers under eat. As a society, we tend to over eat the bad stuff, and under eat the good stuff.

Eating 1200 calories isn’t a sustainable calorie intake for most people and eventually leads to a reversion of old eating habits. Do yourself a favor and fuel your body with more energy, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

I’d venture to say that just about anyone can eat 200-300 calories more without any negative consequences. Give it a try using small 50-100 calorie increments, and watch your energy levels tick upwards, your mental well-being improve, and your chances of long-term weight loss increase.

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