Adele Flaunts Remarkable Weight Loss As She Hosts Saturday Night Live For First Time

Oct 25, 2020 by apost team


After many months of keeping hush about it, Adele finally addressed her impressive weight loss on an appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend. 

The songstress poked fun at her weight loss, saying she came with half of herself due to ‘luggage restrictions’, before reminding viewers that it was on that very show 12 years prior that she made her big break in the music industry. 

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“I know I look really, really different since you last saw me, but, actually, because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me,” Adele joked. “And this is the half I chose.”

Earlier this year, while on vacation in Anguilla, the singer revealed to a fan that she had lost “something like 100 pounds,” according to the Daily Mail

It wasn’t the first time Adele had been on SNL. In 2008, the singer, then just 19 years old, was a musical guest on an episode hosted by Josh Brolin.

“It’s me, Adele, and my God, I’m absolutely thrilled to finally be hosting this show,” Adele said. 

“A show that not only do I genuinely love, but the show that broke my career here in America 12 very long years ago,” she added. “See, I was a musical guest back in 2008 when Sarah Palin came on with Ms. Tina Fey,” Adele continued.

“So obviously a few million people tuned in to watch it and the rest is history.”

Adele last put out music in 2015, when she released her album 25. After that, she went on to headline Glastonbury in 2016 but has since kept a low profile.

Her appearance on SNL also included a skit in which she played a contestant on the Bachelor who would repeatedly break into song, to the annoyance of her fellow contestants.

In another skit, the 32-year-old played a ghost in a haunted mansion, followed around by Pete Davidson. The skit saw Adele in a white gown and pearled jewelry as she reminisced about her late husband. Her character tried repeatedly to scare Davidson, who was instead bewildered—much to her annoyance. 

Adele also played a client at Kate McKinnon’s fortune-telling salon. “I see no concerts in 2020, only coloring,”  McKinnon says to Adele.

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