Adele’s best friend says people who comment on her weight loss have ‘missed the point’

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One of Adele’s best friends, comedian Alan Carr, wants people to stop fixating on her weight loss.

During a recent interview on the British morning show “Lorraine,” Carr was asked to comment on the buzz surrounding his famous friend.

“All we seem to talk about right now is her weight loss — which actually slightly annoys me, because we forget about her huge, wonderful singing talent,” host Christine Lampard said. “But every time she posts a picture it makes the headline news.”

Indeed, Adele hasn’t released new music in five years, but the singer has continued to draw attention regardless.

Fans noticed her transformation in late 2019, when Adele began posting new photos of herself on social media. She even referenced her workout routine in one caption, writing, “I used to cry but now I sweat.”

“I know. I know,” Carr responded. “I think she’s always been gorgeous, with those eyes and those lips.”

“But I agree with you, Christine,” he continued. “With Adele, you’ve sort of missed the point if you’re just worried about what size knickers she wears. ‘Cause it’s the voice. It’s that inspirational, awesome voice.”

Adele and Carr have been close for many years. The “Hello” songstress even officiated his wedding back in 2018, writing on Instagram, “I married two of my best friends.”

Carr also joked that fans should only be concerned if the Grammy winner’s “voice got skinny.”

Adele will host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, prompting some to speculate that she’s getting ready to release new music.

Her highly anticipated fourth album was originally slated for a September release, but later delayed. Back in August, Adele admitted she has “no idea” when it will be ready.

Watch Carr’s full interview on “Lorraine” below.

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