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Our Goal for September 1-21, 2019Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day. 64 ounces is the same as the old fashioned rule of eight 8 oz glasses of water a day.  If you are doing a lot of sweating and exercising and you are already drinking 64 oz per day, consider drinking even more water. If you want to drink a gallon (128 oz) or half your body weight, that works too. The choice is yours.


Four 16oz water bottles = 64oz

We will cutting out…

Instead we will drink…

During the challenge, we will post a new reminder every morning on Facebook and Instagram to encourage you to drink lots of water.

Challenge Instructions:

2. Leave a comment below. Tell us what your daily water goal will be.

3. Share a post on social media with the hashtag: #BWLWWaterChallenge and let everyone know that you’re joining us.

4. Show us your bottles! During the month of September, post photos of your water bottles. #BWLWWaterChallenge

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach your daily goal. Do your best each day and you will see progress over the course of the month.


Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us how many ounces a day you’ll be drinking!

Medical Note: If there is any reason why you should not increase your water intake due to kidney issues, edema, any ailment or a chronic illness, do not participate in this challenge. When in doubt or if you have any questions speak with your doctor. (Also, you don’t have to drink a gallon of water to be hydrated.)

Q & A

Why should you drink more water?

How much water should I drink per day if I’m just starting out?

If you have always had an issue with drinking enough water or are drinking less than 24 oz per day, we suggest you start with 24 oz of water and work your way up to 64 oz. This challenge is NOT about going overboard.  Simply adding 24 ounces more of water a day can make a big difference, especially when you are exercising.

Some sources suggest that we should take our body weight, cut that number in half and use that number as a guide for the number of ounces of water we need each day.

So, if you are 200 pounds, you may want to shoot for 100 ounces of water a day as a goal for the end of the month. Of course there are cases were you should drink more than the minimum of 64 oz, especially if you are working out hard, breast feeding, living in a very warm climate, etc.

Here at BWLW, we don’t suggest that you drink more than a gallon of water per day (128 oz) (…unless you are already doing so with no issues, or if you are an athlete/someone who is training hard and sweating a lot.) A gallon can be too much for some people’s systems to handle, especially if you drink too much in one sitting. Not everyone should go from consuming say, 30 oz a day to 128oz in a matter of days.Everyone’s needs are different and your goals have to be realistic.

Of course, we all see people in the gym walking around with gallon jugs, and that’s fine, especially in the summer while doing intense workouts in the heat. There is nothing wrong with drinking a gallon a day if you are healthy enough to do so. However, when you aren’t even drinking 64 oz regularly, it’s ok to start out with a smaller goal.

Note: If you have already been advised by your doctor to limit or monitor your intake of fluids, you need to keep that in mind as well. Some medications, like diuretics, need to be considered when you think about how much water  you should be drinking.

*Water Intoxication – Can you drink TOO much water?

Some of you may be concerned about drinking too much water. Here is some info to help you understand that water intoxication is possible but you would have to drink a LOT of water (far more than 64 oz over the course of a day).

“When you drink enough water to where the salts in your blood are severely diluted, you can experience a number of health concerns. The first symptoms may include headache, fatigue and feelings of nausea. As the levels of water in your body increase, you may vomit, urinate frequently and feel disoriented and confused — a condition known as water intoxication…  One of the reasons why it is possible to drink too much water is because your kidneys can only filter so much fluid at a time. If your kidneys are healthy, you can filter about 800 to 1,000 mL or 0.21 to 0.26 gallons of water, meaning you can drink about this much every hour and have your kidneys function normally… When considering how much water healthy kidneys can filter in a day, you can filter about 15 L — almost 60 glasses — of water each day,” – Read the full article from

Rapid intake of too much water floods the inside of cells when sodium is depleted. This sodium depletion, called hyponatremia, can rupture the cells, either from extra pressure on the cells from without, or from pressure within flooded cells. As cells rupture in various parts of the body, certain symptoms emerge, and usually quickly.

What kind of symptoms? Well, things like vomiting, headaches, confusion and disorientation. If things progress this can lead to more serious things like seizures and coma. Untreated cases have resulted in death. (Like this case, or these other sad cases, for example). – Source

Space out your water drinking throughout the day and drink a reasonable amount that works for you.

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