Girl Shares Incredible 5 Month Weight Loss Transformation

Girl Shares Incredible 5 Month Weight Loss Transformation OLIVIA BURGESS 1UNILAD


A woman has lost an incredible four stone in just five months after dramatically changing her lifestyle.

21-year-old Olivia Burgess from Edinburgh was fed up of being self-conscious about her weight but struggled to find any motivation to stick to lifestyle changes which would resolve the issue.

Admitting she was ‘lazy and demotivated’, Olivia often found herself concluding ‘it was easier to give up’ whenever she hit a road block.

Girl Shares Incredible 5 Month Weight Loss Transformation OLIVIA BURGESS 2UNILAD

In February earlier this year though, driven by a determination to lose weight ahead of summer, Olivia decided no matter how hard the journey ahead may be, she was going to stick to a diet and exercise regime.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Olivia explained how she overhauled her lifestyle leaving her able to lose four stone in just five months!

Initially weighing 16 stone six pounds, Olivia now weighs 12 stone three pounds but is currently working towards 11 stone.

Girl Shares Incredible 5 Month Weight Loss Transformation OLIVIA BURGESS 3UNILAD

Olivia admitted although dieting was the major contributing factor to her weight loss, exercise did help.

She said:

I started a diet called Slimming World which was recommended to me. It is basically calorie counting and making sure you are eating the right foods to fuel your body and enhance your weight loss.

I slowly brought in exercise to help me lose it more quickly and get physically fitter. When you eat well it makes you want to look after your body and try to make it the best version you can.

Before, I was lazy, overeating, eating the wrong things and in a hole of self pity.

Dieting made the most difference. Completely changing my eating habits has made the most impact so far but weight loss differs for everyone.

Girl Shares Incredible 5 Month Weight Loss Transformation Screen Shot 2018 07 26 at 16.17.48UNILAD

The journey wasn’t easy though, as Olivia confessed, giving up again would be the easier option.

As Olivia added though, she is grateful she worked through the struggles as the result was worth it:

There’s ups and downs but I would never go back to who I was six months ago. I need to remind myself that every day isn’t going to be a happy one and I still have a long way to go.

But I have come so far and there’s no way I’m giving up now. My friends and family are over the moon for me and so supportive. They knew how unhappy I was and can see a big change in me, and not just physically.

Wanting to share the good news with the world, Olivia took to Twitter posting before and after photos of her stomach to show off her transformation.

Receiving over 14,000 likes at time of writing (July 26), Olivia felt overwhelmed with happiness at the reaction she got.

Girl Shares Incredible 5 Month Weight Loss Transformation OLIVIA BURGESS TWEETUNILAD

As people flooded the comments section with messages asking Olivia for help with their weight loss journeys, she gave out plenty of tips.

Olivia concludes though by advising never to compare yourself to anyone else:

Focus on yourself and what works for you. Don’t get demotivated comparing yourself to other people’s journey if you aren’t doing as ‘well’ as them. Everyone is different.

The smallest change is still an improvement and is still a step closer to where you want to be. Also take pictures along the way. I can look in the mirror and feel the same size as I was six months ago and then look at a picture and my mind completely changes.

And don’t give up at the first hurdle. There is no point putting in effort and then giving up – it is only wasting your time.

Wise words Olivia.

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