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Weight loss cream  to lose weight  . Now you can lose weight instantly with these weight loss creams. Target the body fat . lose belly fat, belly weight  with with these Diy weight loss creams.


Being called fat and ugly could be very embarrassing. Imagine your long time friend so surprised to see you’ve gained weight that he couldn’t help but ask; how did you become so fat? Sometimes weight increase arise because of your lifestyle and diets. Other times it may not be your fault. It could be as a result of your genetic makeup. Are you tired of spending money on gym membership programmes?

Do you have a very busy schedule to include any daily exercise routine? Are weight loss pills too expensive and not seem to be working effectively? Then you can try out these home remedy weight loss creams. Do not be worried. They are all “do it yourself” creams. They are easy and cheap to prepare.


Here is a list of the best five home remedy diy weight loss creams you can try out. They are very effective for body weight loss. WEIGHT LOSS CREAM WITH ALUM,VICKS VAPORUB AND BAKING SODA.

ALUM: this is popularly known as an antiseptic. People with acne use alum for reducing the size of their acne pores. Alum is also used as a deodorant. For the preparation of this cream, you’ll need 6-8 capsules of alum.


This helps to decongestant your chest especially when you have a cough. It is also useful in treating sores and overworked muscles. Not only that, it ensures proper circulation of blood to body tissues and that is why it is important for our weight loss cream. To get vicks vaporub, you’ll have to purchase it at any local store.


1. Put the alum in a small blender and crush to powder. You can also decide to use a small pestle to grind it smoothly. Make sure that no form of solid particle of alum is felt at all.

2. Get a hollow bowl or plate and add 2 tablespoon of powdered alum. In that same bowl, add 3 tablespoon of vicks vaporub.

3. Then mix the two ingredients very well till they form a paste. Make sure that the powdered alum blends with the vicks vaporub.

4. At this stage, it is now time for us to add our baking soda. 1 tablespoon of baking soda is enough. Do not add excess or it will make the cream too dry for use on the skin.

5. Use your fingertips to feel the cream you’re making. If you think the cream is too dry, you can add more vicks vaporub.


Apply this cream in your hands, legs, cheek, abdomen or anywhere you want to achieve a weight loss. Please avoid rubbing this cream close to the eyes. The menthol found in vicks vaporub can cause discomfort to you. After applying a generous amount of this cream to your body parts, make sure that you wrap these parts of your body with a bandage. This is to avoid you rubbing off this cream layer away. Not only that, the bandages retain heat and cause you to sweat and lose weight. DURATION: You may leave the cream on your body for 3 hours and then wash off. But if you’re going to be home all day, then you can allow the bandages for a longer period of time.

When you finally remove the bandages, you’ll be amazed as to how much you’ve burned fat. This is a wonder cream.

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Iodine is an essential mineral found in food. It is also a component of table salt. Iodine helps in the synthesis of certain hormones in the body that helps in metabolism. Iodine also prevent some neurological condition in the body. Most importantly for making our home remedy diy weight loss cream, iodine helps to burn fat. You can get white iodine from you’re local store.


This plant is characteristically known for its bitter taste. It is used to treat pimples and other skin diseases. Though applying Aloe Vera on the skin can produce some itchy sensation. You can buy quality Aloe Vera from a store or you may decide to grow this plant in your garden.


1. Pour 2 tablespoon of white iodine in a container.

2. In that same container, squeeze out some few drops of Aloe Vera fluid and mix. Take your time and get enough fluid from the Aloe Vera. This could be difficult since the fluid is usually sticky.

3. Pour this mixture in a firming cream and mix well. Your weight loss cream is ready for use. You can shop for good firming creams in online stores or in your local stores. You may decide to use the Aloe Vera and liquid iodine mixture directly on your body. This combination works wonder.


Apply this cream on your body day and night. You will see results almost immediately. Make sure that the cream sinks into your skin by rubbing it diligently.


This cream can stay as long as your next bath.



To obtain egg white, break an egg and remove the yellow yolk from it. Be careful not to allow the yolk mix with the clear liquid part of the egg. This clear liquid is called the egg white. Use a spoon to collect the yolk. You do not need the yolk to prepare your diy home remedy cream for weight loss. Egg white is rich in vitamin A which is important for the skin. Make sure you use a good egg for this cream. A bad egg would contaminate the cream.


This ingredient is essential to help reduce fat. Milk is rich in nutrients. Milk also helps the skin remain supple and soft. To prepare your weight loss cream, you will need raw milk. Do not attempt to use sweetened or refined milk for the sugar added would help serve as a culture for bacteria which can contaminate your skin.


Honey is a medicinal liquid gotten from bees. Over the years, honey has been proven to increase heart function and provide important minerals to the body to boost immunity. Honey also help heal acne scars. In fact, honey is a useful ingredient in making a good home remedy diy cream for weight loss.


1. Break two eggs and obtain the clear liquid known as egg white. Carefully pour the egg white in a plate.

2. Add 2 tablespoon of milk into the plate containing egg white and stir.

3. Then add 2 tablespoon of honey to the mixture to thicken it. Mix till all the ingredients have properly blended.

4. Your home remedy cream is ready for use.


This cream works to reduce the amount of fat in the face. It is not to be used on any other part of the body. Apply this cream in the morning and at night. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight after applying this cream on your face. This is because sunlight increases the drying effect of egg white on the skin.


Do not leave this cream on your face for too long or overnight. Make sure that you wash your face 2 hours after application.



This is the major ingredient in this slimming cream. Avocado is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K which makes it a powerful antioxidant. As a result of this, it makes a good home remedy cream for weight loss. Avocado also helps the heart and thus ensures proper circulation of blood round the body.

Other ingredients for this weight loss cream include Aloe Vera and sour cream.


1. Get a big sized ripe avocado and take out the yellow content from the avocado.

2. Put the yellow content from the avocado in a pan and add 1 cup of sour cream.

3. Mesh both ingredients together until they’ve properly blended.

4. Add a sizeable drop of Aloe Vera into the same pan and stir continuously.

5. Allow the mixture to heat for 10 minutes and then leave it to cool.

6. Your Avocado weight loss cream is ready for use.


Before using this cream, it is important that you take your bath with a warm water. This will help open the pores on your skin.

After taking your bath, apply this cream in the area of your body where you want to lose weight.

Wrap that body part with a bandage. It could be your belly, arms or thighs. This cream also removes cellulite.


Leave the cream and bandage on your body for approximately 1 hour and then wash off. Continue this routine for a week and you will see how much you’ve lost weight.


Here are some important tips you might find helpful if you want to lose weight using these home remedy diy weight loss creams.

• Have a good routine and stick to it.

• Do not give up if results do not come almost immediately. Patience must be shown.

• Do not discontinue your routine if you start to see result.

If you try one of these creams for a long time and you don’t see any result, do well to try another cream. Different creams work better on different body types.

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