Jillian Michaels Says ‘Terrible’ Keto Diet Does Not Help Long-Term Weight Loss

Jillian Michaels

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels has branded the keto diet a ‘terrible, terrible idea’.


The keto diet involves eating large amounts of fat and very few carbs, in a bid to get the body into ketosis (a state where it is burning fat for energy). Fans of the diet tout its ability to aid weight loss and improve certain markers around cardiovascular disease.

But it is unpopular with a number of healthcare professionals as well as some in the fitness industry – including Michaels who has previously described the keto diet as a ‘bad plan’.

‘Keto diet fad’

During an interview on the #Adulting podcast, Michaels spoke about the restrictiveness of the plan.

“Your cells, your macromolecules, are literally made up of protein, fat, carbohydrates, nucleic acids,” she said. “When you do not eat one of the three macronutrients – those three things I just mentioned – you’re starving yourselves.

“That’s just one of the many reasons why keto is a terrible, terrible idea. People can criticize me all they want, but the bottom line is, it’s science and the science is there – and [keto] is bad for your overall health and wellness.”

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‘No one should do keto’

Michaels in supported in her opinion of the keto by leading cardiologist. Dr. Kim Williams, the past President of the American College of Cardiology, who said no one should be doing the diet – unless weight loss is more important to them than health – in an exclusive video for Plant Based News.

“I like the basic concept that you change your dietary habits and you change something. You can make a change, you can discipline yourself,” said Dr. Williams. “Unfortunately, the science of it is wrong. If all you wanted was short-term weight loss – and short-term could be a year or two – if that’s all you’re looking for, great.”

Dr. WIlliams agreed that there are other markers that a keto diet can improve in the short term, then added: “But are any of them independent of the weight loss? Probably not. If you lose a lot of belly fat, your insulin sensitivity improves, your blood sugar improves…it sounds and looks wonderful.”

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