Mariel Rodriguez’s Amazing Weight Loss Journey Details How She Lost 42 Pounds in 3 Months

Mariel Rodriguez is back on her weight loss journey. After successfully breastfeeding her second daughter Gabriela for a year, Mariel has shifted her focus back on loving herself as she begins a new weight loss journey. At her heaviest, she was 197 pounds. Three months into her journey, the celebrity mother is proud to reveal she now weighs 155 pounds.


The process began in December when Mariel had “officially signed off” from her breastfeeding years.

“At my heaviest, I was a 197 pounds. Uulitin ko po. Almost 200 pounds,” the celebrity mom revealed in her YouTube channel, sharing photos of herself during the said month when she weighed 197 pounds.

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Mariel at her “heaviest.”

PHOTO BY YouTube/Mariel Rodriguez

Slowly, the celebrity host changed her diet and started exercising. By the start of the new year, Mariel fully committed to her goal.

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PHOTO BY YouTube/Mariel Rodriguez

A different kind of weight loss journey

This wasn’t the first time Mariel gained weight from breastfeeding. The first instance was with her breastfeeding journey with first daughter Isabella. At that time, she ballooned up to 178 pounds. With the help of a popular slimming center, Mariel lost the weight and lost “over 40 pounds.”

For her second round, Mariel had to rely on pure discipline to lose the extra weight and she acknowledged how difficult that could be.

The mother of two remarked in her vlog posted March 17, 2021: “I know it’s going to be so hard because ako iyong type that I eatΓ’as in I really eat. I eat a whole pint of Big Al‘s chocolate ice cream in one sitting. I can eat about five ice cream, alam mo iyon?” She added, “Talagang I can eat. I can eat a lot. I do eat a lot.”

Mariel got nutritionist Nadine Tengco to help her with her diet. Nadine is one of the stars’ trusted nutrionist and fitness guru.

Mariel continued, “Majority of [losing weight] is the food that we take. Ako po, I got a nutritionist talaga. Si Nadine Tengco. She made a list of the things that I can eat, the things I should eat, the things I shouldn’t eat, ganyan.”

Mariel admited that she didn’t exactly follow the list to the letter . She explained, “Siyempre gusto ko pa rin masarap [na food].” But progress was achieved and Mariel was more than happy to feel the difference.

She said in her vlog: “Today, ngayon [I’m] 155 pounds! I already lost a total of 42 pounds. Kulang pa po. Itong dress na suot ko po ngayon is still a large. Siyempre ang pangarap ko is small to medium. Iyong medium lang, nako, magpapa-party na ako!”

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A comparison of Mariel’s photos from weighing 197 lbs to 155 lbs.

PHOTO BY YouTube/Mariel Rodriguez

Mariel advised that the “the main thing here is iyong mindset mo.” She underlined that “portion control is the key” and it’s important to “set a goal” and “stick to that goal.”

“Eye on the prize, totoo iyon. When you’re dieting, the only kalaban is really yourself. Labanan mo lang.”

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