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What is a Meal Replacement Bar?

A meal replacement bar by exante is intended to substitute a regular meal when following a very low calorie diet plan. The meal replacement bars are generally less than 220 calories and are perfect for those who are always on the go.


Our bars contain a complete range of nutrients like protein, and fibre, as well as 27 vitamins and minerals! This ensures that you are getting all the nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy, even when you are trying to lower your calorie intake to try and lose weight effectively. Therefore, meal replacement bars can be a great part of your very low calorie diet plan.

We have a great variety of meal replacement bars including the NEW Salted Caramel Bar and the NEW Chocolate Fudge Bar.

What are the Benefits?

Every diet bar provides at least 33% of your daily need of 27 vitamins and minerals to help you reach the recommended intakes, such as Vitamin C and Iron. Each diet bar is delicious and filling, and so our meal replacements bars can effectively help you feel fuller for longer, which consequently can help you reach your weight loss goal, as if you feel full after a diet bar, you are less likely to eat unhealthy and calorific meals that will not help you reach your weight loss goals.

Do Meal Replacement Bars Work?

If you want to lose weight, your body needs to be in a calorie deficit. Simple.All of our meal replacement products, including the bars, are below 220 calories each, and so they can be effectively used as part of our diet plans to help you maintain a diet that is in a calorie deficit.However, you can be confident you are getting all the right nutrients you need to ensure your body is still getting everything that it needs to stay healthy, whether your goals are weight loss or convenience.

Why exante?

Our healthy meal replacement bars for weight loss are designed to help support you with your weight loss goals. Exante meal replacement bars contain 27 vitamins and minerals, including Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin A, and more!

Exante meal replacement bars are:

The exante diet plan is filled with a variety of healthy meal replacement bars for weight loss, from the Cookies & Cream Bar to the Chocolate Mint Cookie.

How to eat the diet bar?

The diet bars are so convenient; it makes following a diet plan easy and simple to follow. Many people enjoy an exante meal replacement bar on the go, and others enjoy cutting them up into small pieces and grazing on them as small bites. It is up to you how you eat them, but one thing is for sure – they are delicious and convenient.

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