Mom Shows Off 155 Lb. Weight-Loss Transformation After Cutting Out 4 Foods

Losing weight is hard, especially for a mom. We put so much energy into our kids that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.


Thirty-seven-year-old Casey Gemmell had one of those defining moments many moms have when she realized she’d put her health after everything else.

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The life-changing moment for Gemmell came when she decided to go all out for her son’s superhero-themed birthday party.

With a plus-size batgirl costume and a lot of confidence, the mom didn’t think much of the fact the costume was a little snug.

But then the photos started popping up on social media.

“I thought ‘That’s not me, what a terrible angle,’” Gemmell told “Today.”

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“But then another photo was posted — from a worse angle,” she said. “I kept waiting for a good angle and it never arrived.”

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Rather than sit around feeling bad about herself, Gemmell decided to be proactive. She changed her lifestyle and was determined to get into shape.

In 2015, Gemmell shared her story in her Facebook group, Beautiful U. In the post, she talks about how she’d accepted her weight at 349 pounds.

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“I had just accepted this was me,” she wrote in her vulnerable and candid post. “I am; as I was called ‘Larger than Life.’”

But after seeing those photos, Gemmell made a decision. She shared how she wanted to change “my life, my looks, my outlook on living — I WANTED TO LIVE!!!!”

She started exercising every day.

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“I downloaded an app called 5K Runner,” she told “Today.” “It specifically said it would turn anybody from a couch potato into a 5K runner in eight weeks. I thought I would prove the app wrong.”

From there, she cut out four problem food groups. Gemmell says it’s not about the quick fixes, and that losing weight the “right way” was going to take time.

Gemmell did away with bread, cheese, pasta and soft drinks. She was 33 at the time and admitted her eating habits were difficult to break.

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Her transformation is incredible! Over the course of four years, this determined mom and wife shed 155 pounds.

In the end, she said that it’s all about “balance” for the busy wife and mom. She hopes her story will inspire and motivate others like her.

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