My Weight Loss Story: “Your Body Is Capable of Almost Anything”

courtney5 (Photo credit: @_Cortneydoll instagram)

Cortney is the type of weight loss story we love. The incredibly young lady is open with her heart and her weight loss journey that she literally inspires thousands to follow suit and lose weight. It’s no wonder many of our users nominated her to be featured as a weight loss. We love her because she does it all with an incredible smile!


Here’s how her body transformation started:

“Let’s talk about the power of consistency…Two years ago I was super depressed, over weight, went through a bad break up, hit a super low point in my life (mentally wise) all together,” explains Cortney on Instagram.

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“I didn’t really know what to do, all I knew is I was so down that the only way to go was up. Working out/the gym became my outlet, making me feel better no matter what mood I was in. I finally decided to put myself first,and take hold of my health. It was never about being a certain size, or a certain weight. I just wanted to be healthy. So, here I am, two years later, healthier than ever.”

courtney7 (Photo credit: @_Cortneydoll instagram)

“No short cuts, no magic pills, no easy way out. Hard work, eating healthy, consistency, and a healthy mindset is what got me to this point. As long as I can inspire others, then I know I’m fulfilling my god given purpose. 2 years ago vs. today, and it’s only gonna get better!! 🌱♥💪🏽 “Your body is capable of almost anything, it’s your mind you have to convince.”

One of the practical ways she did it was to go on a 30-day fast that not only jump-started her metabolism, it also boosted her ability to lose inches, not just weight.

Courtney describes on her instagram that she went without the following for 30 days straight:
– No soda
– No meat
– No processed food
– No juice
Plus, she drank a gallon of water a day and worked out five time a week faithfully for an entire month. And she looks fantastic!

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courtney2 (Photo credit: @_Cortneydoll instagram)

Her whole vegan lifestyle is one that many are adopting not only to lose weight, but to have a healtheir lifestyle.

Researchers compared results of a dozen diets—including Atkins, the American Diabetes Association diet, and others—and found that those following a vegan diet could lose 5 pounds more in the short-term than those following traditional diet plans. Vegetarians, who allow themselves eggs and dairy, still did fairly well.

But giving up eating animals is tricky, and not just because we crave the occasional bacon cheeseburger. Animals products are our primary source of protein and other important nutrients like vitamin D. And plenty of unhealthy foods…

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