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Pectin and Weight Loss – What’s the Connection?

Pectin is a soluble fiber that is naturally found in many fruits. It is most richly found in apples, strawberries, grapes, grapefruits, lemons, oranges, and tangerines, among others. Recently, it’s been receiving good press for its weight reduction benefits, which are caused by its ability to make you feel full and to keep blood sugar and insulin levels steady.

5 Great Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential building block of a healthy body. They are an essential fatty acid, which means that our bodies need them but can’t manufacture them on their own. Of course natural sources of omega-3 are always your best bet, but supplements are also a valuable asset in making sure that you get the right amount of this essential nutrient.

Valerie Saxion – Why Natural Products Are Always Better Than Synthetic Products

One of the leading health professionals in natural supplements today is Dr. Valerie Saxion. She is an expert on healthy living and natural supplements. She is also a Christian and helps reach others for Christ through her ministries and products.

Omega-3 Fights Obesity

The benefits of taking omega-3 supplements are becoming clearer as the body of research on this nutrient continues to grow. If taken with diet and exercise, omega-3 can even combat one of the most prevalent health issues in the Western world today – obesity.

Supplement With Vitamins To Protect Against Nutritional Insufficiencies

There continues to be numerous studies on the benefits of supplementing your diet with vitamins but what I have found is the apparent lack of knowledge into WHY we should be taking vitamins. Not only are we not eating enough of the proper food groups, the foods we do eat can sometimes be woefully short in vital nutrients and alarmingly high in calories.

Best African Mango Extract – An Effective Way To Weight Loss?

This is an extract which is featured in quite a few modern weight loss products. Users of these products usually report that African Mango has helped them to lose weight.

Omega-3 Supplements: How Does It Help the Heart?

You’ve probably been told to eat more salmon and walnuts because the omega-3 fatty acids they contain are “good for the heart”. But have you ever wondered about how it works in the body? In what way are omega-3 fats good for the heart? What other benefits do omega-3 fats bring?

How Useful Are Probiotics?

Most people do not use supplements when they can get a lot of benefits out of them. Probiotics are a supplement that is not commonly used, although it has many benefits. They can be used by both infants as well as adults.

Phen375 – Does It Really Work?

Phen375 or Phentemine 375 is the latest “Miracle” weight loss pill to come down the pike. It is a fat burner and appetite suppressant that is currently enjoying the spotlight due to its rapid weight loss with minimum side effects.

Creatine Monohydrate – All You Must Know

A small background: creatine is a supplement that helps to renew energy by creating ATP (energy-rich molecule) and thus prevents muscle fatigue Creatine also absorbs hydrogen ions, ie lowers the pH level in the muscle, thus contradicting the effect of lactic acid that causes the end to stop the activity. Creatine increases muscle protein synthesis and thus inhibits muscle breakdown. This activity were caused by absorption of fluid into the muscle and with them also amino acids, thereby increasing protein synthesis in muscle.

Easy Way to Lose Weight for the Summer

The coming of summer puts pressure on everyone to start losing weight in time for their trips to the beach. This pressure sometimes brings negative health consequences to crash dieters, who simply begin to starve themselves in order to get trimmed down. Unfortunately, cutting back on foods without a diet strategy is not just unhealthy but may even cause your body to store more fats when it feels threatened by the lack of food.

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