Photos Prove Getting Fit May Not Equal Weight Loss

They say age is nothing but a number, but the number on the scale has yet to get the same sort of dismissal.


But, with the help of these 10 people, we’re hoping the idea that “weight is nothing but a number” catch on, too, And once you see these side-by-side comparisons of how they’ve been able to transform their bodies and still weigh the exact same amount, you may come around to the notion of not letting the scale dictate how you feel, too!

“I try to get people to think about how they are feeling, how their clothes are fitting, and how their body has changed,” Laura Stusek, fitness coordinator for Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, told Everyday Health. “It’s a hard thing to do sometimes. The focus should not just be the number on the scale. If we only did things to make ourselves weigh less, we wouldn’t necessarily be healthier.”

See 10 examples of people who managed to get fit and feel better in their bodies, without lowering the number on the scale.

1. 145 Pounds

Fitness Instagramer brittelizabethfitt is urging folks to “stop letting the scale determine your success.” Both of these images show her at 145 pounds.

2. 125 Pounds

This woman behind Instagram account would like for you all to remember to ditch the scale, too. Here she is at 125 pounds.

for anyone fretting over “holiday weight” this is your reminder to screw the f’ing scale! 🖕🏽 that number means nothing 🙅🏼‍♀️ what’s important is how you FEEL, if you’re being kind to your body (and mind), if you’re nourishing yourself with proper nutrients and letting your body sweat ❤️ can you check any of those boxes? GREAT! The rest will follow 😁 here’s where I have to plug: for specifics on what I’ve done, scroll back in time or visit my blog when it launches very soon! (Or look at my hashtags 😆) xoxo ❤️ #transformationtuesday #beforeandafter #progresspic #bbgprogress #bbg #bbgtransformation #bbgcommunity #bbgstronger #bbggirls #bbggirl #bbgfam #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #fitgirls #fitgirl #workoutmotivation #motivation #fatloss #macros #transformation

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3. 149 Pounds

Here, you’ll see that sometimes you might even gain a little weight and still manage to feel better than ever before. Because like is here to prove, weight is nothing but a number!

I hit a bit of a low this weekend and wanted to share because if I hit it, I know you may hit it. We are all human. I am on Day 56 of this 80 Day program. This program has been **hard** for me. Longer workouts with my schedule are tough but I’ve been so proud of myself for hanging in there and being consistent. . The reason I’ve had such success with home workouts is because it’s become a lifestyle for me. I normally do 3 weeks on, 1 week “OFF” each month because of 3 week groups. Over the years my “off” has become a lot more “on” because it’s a habit. . So after two months of being consistent with my workouts, 70-80% (sometimes 90%) on with my nutrition (being honest), I’m up .5 lbs. And I was pissed. This has been a grind for me. I want to be rewarded on the scale. I’m human. Then this article popped up in my feed with tons of Before and After photos of women at the same weight but total body transformations. I’m not there yet but it reminded me that our bodies can completely change even if the stupid scale doesn’t show it. . So sharing my NSVs right now: . 💥 My husband can’t keep his hands off me. Says this is the best I’ve ever looked since we’ve been together. Why am I ignoring that? . 💥 I feel super strong. . 💥 My posture is better. . 💥 I walk into a room more confident. I assert myself more in meetings. . 💥 I’ve been able to stick with 60 min workouts. For TWO MONTHS! During my craziest time at work. . 💥 My arms are more sculpted than ever. They are going to look GREAT in dresses in Mexico next month. . So with that – here is my progress pic. Remember that the scale is only a tiny piece to measure progress. Make your list like I did above if you are struggling and need to remind yourself why you made the decision to get healthy in the first place. Keep going. And keep taking those progress pics because I promise they will keep you SANE on stretches like this when you are building more muscle. 📸💗🌴👙🔥💕💃 . . @autumncalabrese . . . . #screwthescale #nsv #strongnotskinny #progressisprogress #momswholift #staythecourse #progressnotperfection #pixiecut #platinumblonde #boymomlife #basement #homeworkouts

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4. 180 Pounds

Trimming body fat percentages doesn’t necessarily mean altering the number on the scale, as proves.

5. 194 Pounds

Despite weighing the same in both photos, Instagramer leehaneyneoh was able to tone up through working out.

6. 177 Pounds

This woman is looking amazing and fit, yet she weighs the same in both photos. You go, annethenurse.

7. 232 Pounds

Without losing a pound, the man behind the  Instagram account was able to pack on a whole lot of muscle!

8. 175 Pounds

The woman responsible for the Instagram account is proving that you can be 175 pounds and toned from head to toe.

Follow @maha_sfit ・・・ This is a little reminder that number on the scale is just number. Your weight doesn’t equal your progress! You should focus on your look, not your weight. – On left pic I wasn’t really working out, wasn’t eating healthy and was eating less than I’m eating at the moment. – I am currently eating around 3000 calories a day as I’m trying to gain muscle and train 5 days a week. I eat healthy most of time and allow myself 🍕&🍫 sometimes. I train my legs/glutes 3 times a week, my upper body once a week and do about 15-20 min cardio before or after my workouts 2-3 times a week. – Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it. Just keep working hard, be consistent and be patient 🙌🏾 • • • • #tansformationtuesday#avantapres#beforeandafter#sameweight#emnlspirit#fitsporation#afrogirlfitness#girlswholift#montrealfitness#montrealfitnessgirls#trainharddowork#youcandothis#liftingweights

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9. 138 Pounds

Who knew 138 pounds could look so vastly different? These bikini photos show significant transformation, but the number on the scale never changed. Thanks for reminding us, @badassfitnessgoals.

10. 200 Pounds

What a difference two years and no pounds lost can make! Instagramer is using this as “proof that you can weigh the same and look completely different.”

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