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A keto diet is a nutrition trend that has become extremely popular in recent years. It is a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat eating plan that helps put the body into nutritional ketosis. This low-carb diet involves eating high-fat foods like cheeses, oils, dairy products, avocados, eggs, bacon and more. At the same time, it excludes high carbohydrate foods that can be found in most fruits and vegetables, bread, pasta, alcohol, grains, and sugars. Although ketogenic dieters eat a lot of high-calorie foods, it is considered to be an extremely effective way to lose weight. The standard ketogenic diet recommends limiting your intake of carbohydrates to 50 grams or 5% of your daily calorie intake. 75% of daily calorie intake should come from healthy fat and about 20% from protein (6).


How does it work? 

When people stick to a regular diet plan that includes carbohydrates, the body converts them into glucose (blood sugar) which is then used as a source of energy. Glucose is the primary source of energy in our bodies and if we are lacking it, then it starts using stored fat for fuel. The main goal of this eating pattern is to minimize your carb intake to make the body use fat as a source of energy. When you drastically reduce your consumption of carbs and increase fat intake, your liver starts producing ketone bodies from fat. Ketone bodies are small molecules that serve as an alternative source of energy for the body and brain. Ketosis is a state when your body uses ketone bodies (fat) as a primary source of energy. This diet contains all essential nutrients, and minimizes feelings of hunger as you can eat high fat foods that lead to a feeling of satiety. Thus, elimination of carbohydrates forces the body to start the process of breaking down fats which leads to weight loss.

Keto diet benefits

Numerous studies show that this eating plan not only promotes weight loss but also has plenty of health benefits (6). Above all, it can help reduce the risk of health conditions like cancer, acne, diabetes, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease (4, 5, 1). Moreover, this diet can help: 

How to start? 

Start a keto diet step by step, gradually reducing your carbohydrate intake by 10 grams per day. Increase your fat intake every day for satiety, while maintaining your protein the same. All meals should be planned in advance, evaluating the nutritional value of each of them. It is important not to deprive your body of fiber. Fiber is extremely important for intestinal health and can help you get into ketosis without experiencing symptoms of keto flu. If you can’t rigidly track your carb intake, you can try a gradual elimination method. Remove onethe source of carbohydrates from your diet every week. For example:

For example:

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What to eat on a keto diet? 

If you’ve decided to follow a keto diet, then you should know that there are specific foods that are to be avoided in order to stay in ketosis and lose weight effectively. A keto diet restricts more than 100 foods that can lead to metabolism slow-down and  limit the fat-burning abilities of the body. Let’s find out what foods are to be included and avoided to get yourself on track for success.

Keto diet foods

You should base your keto meal plan around these foods: 

Keto diet snacks

The best thing about the keto diet is that it reduces hunger pangs  since you are eating high-fat foods that promote a feeling of satiety (2). This low-carb diet is nutritious, so snacking is The low-carb diet is nutritious but due to the high-fat content of foods, regular snacking is not a good idea as it may lead to overconsumption of calories. If you regularly have a feeling of hunger and are snacking all the time, then try to add more fat and protein to your meals (1). However, if you occasionally need a little something to get you through, a perfect snack will be a handful of nuts, coffee with butter, bacon chips, hummus, cheese, or full-fat yogurt. But many people prefer keto smoothies. Here are a few keto smoothie recipes that will help you satisfy your hunger if you are on a keto diet. 

Kia Smoothie with Chia Seeds



Soak chia seeds in cold boiled water for 7-10 min. Process the following ingredients in your blender: spinach, mint, cucumber (cut into cubes), strawberries, lemon, and lime, add cream and sweetener, do not forget about chia seeds. The smoothie is ready!

Vegetable Smoothie



Process all ingredients in a blender. A refreshing smoothie is ready! Yes, that’s so simple.

Avocado smoothie


In a blender, mix all the ingredients and enjoy a light bite.

Foods to avoid 

Keto diet tips

Is a keto diet safe?

There is clear evidence that a ketogenic diet can help treat obesity and improve insulin resistance (2). But the long-term effects of the ketogenic diet on overall health need further research. Here are a few things you should know before you start. Yes, you might lose pounds really quickly, but you should also watch out for the side effects or complications.

Drastic changes in nutrition can cause headaches, dizziness, weakness and fatigue, aches throughout the body, nausea and other common symptoms of flu. Often, people who stick to a keto diet experience this kind of discomfort, however, the reason behind this is not a virus or infection. The keto flu is caused by the body’s reaction to carbohydrate restriction. Your body is used to using carbs as a source of energy, so drastically reducing them can make you feel lethargic and lifeless. Your body needs some time to adapt to a new eating plan, usually, it takes around 24-48 hours.

These are the most common symptoms of keto-flu:

As you see, keto-flu can feel similar to ordinary flu. You may or may not have all symptoms from the list. Some switch to keto diets so easily that they experience few or no unpleasant symptoms, others feel sick from the first days until the end of the diet but that is not common. A person’s experience depends on many factors like metabolic flexibility, health status, and lifestyle. The adaptation period depends a lot on your metabolic flexibility which is how well you can adapt to using different fuel sources (i.e., carbs, fats, protein, and ketones).

How to reduce the symptoms of keto flu? 

Here are some tips on how to reduce the symptoms of keto-flu and become keto-adapted more quickly:

Remember that stress, high-intensity exercises, and eating too much protein can make the process of keto-adaptation harder. That’s why it is important to eat the right amount of protein, do low-intensity exercises, sleep well and meditate to help get rid of keto flu.

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How to lose weight on this diet?

This low-carb diet is an effective way to lose weight. However, it is important to follow all recommendations to succeed. Here are a few tips that will help you stay in ketosis and achieve your weight-loss goal.

Things to do

Things to avoid

Keto diet sample menu

Lunch: salad with walnuts, cheese and beef, chicken broth

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with ham

Lunch: mushrooms with cheese, green salad

Snack: fermented baked milk

Snack: fermented baked milk

Dinner: beef steak, green vegetable salad

Dinner: cheese, zucchini fritters

Breakfast: ham and cheese toast

Snack: a slice of cheese, a green apple

Lunch: fish cake, tomato cucumber salad

Snack: yogurt without additives

Snack: boiled beef salad and green vegetables

Lunch: brown rice with meat

Snack: fermented baked milk

Dinner: baked redfish, vegetables

Besides eating keto frindly foods and planning your meals, it is useful to include physical activity into your daily routine. It is especially true if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and spend little time in motion. Choose the type of exercise that suits you best. It might be yoga, dancing, swimming or a short 20 Minute Full Body Workout at Home. Check out the video below.


This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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