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The Benefits of Flaxseed

I usually instruct my clients to begin to take in flax seed oil because there are so many benefits to this wonderful oil. Think of flax seed as the lube that helps the joints move around much better. Think of the rain on your windshield and how much more the windshield wipers skid when there is no rain on the windshield, and then once the rain hits it, it begins to glide across the windshield with ease.

Some Basic Tips to Gain Lean Muscle Mass

There are different types of bodybuilding goals. If yours is to gain lean muscle mass, there are ways to help you achieve that more effectively. Combining proper workout, diet, and the right supplements may just give you that ripped body you’ve always dreamed of having.

On Supplements and How to Choose Them Properly

Getting that body you want means combining a good workout, a nutritious diet, and the ideal supplements. To know what supplements are right for you, know what your fitness goals are and consult with a professional to get the ones that will work best for you.

Do Supplements Help?

Supplements seem like a quick fix for health problems, but sometimes they can cause them. While vitamins can be good, it is always best to make sure that you consult a physician before starting a new regimen.

Magnesium – 4 Benefits of Supplementing With This Miracle Mineral

Magnesium is a major mineral that is required daily by your body. Many people fall short of getting enough from their diet and can benefit tremendously from supplementing with this important mineral to super-charge their health and improve their results from exercise.

Understanding Arthritis in German Shepherds

There is no question about it; one of the most popular breeds of dogs is that of a German Shepherd. German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, their loyalty to their families as well as their protective nature. Many people would agree that German Shepherds are a top choice for family pets on many levels. With their high level of intelligence…

Serious Supplement Sourcing: Where Does Bee Pollen Come From?

As its name implies, bee pollen is collected from flowers by honeybees, then stored in their hives for later use. For supplement production purposes, manufacturers often remove this pollen using gentle brushes placed at the front of the hive. Unfortunately, not all pollen has the same properties.

Interpreting the Studies: Reading Bee Pollen Scientific Literature

Many websites and advertisements claim that bee pollen is a miracle drug capable of curing an enormous range of human diseases and boosting performance to an amazing degree. While it’s true that many people experience significant benefits from pollen, not all these claims are true. A number of studies support traditional use of pollen to treat some health conditions, but the information about others is inconclusive.

What’s the Best Time to Take Bee Pollen If You Want Good Results?

Adding a bee pollen supplement to your diet could be a good way to improve your overall health, increase your performance and deal with fatigue. This unique natural food contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients and has been linked with many different health benefits. Not everyone choose to take it the same way, however.

What’s the Best Way to Use Bee Pollen to Boost Energy and Health?

Bee pollen has been advertised as the next great super food. After all, it contains a much wider range of vitamins and minerals than most other foods, with a very high percentage of protein and some healthy fats. The suggested dosages and methods of taking this supplement vary significantly, however.

Using Bee Pollen in Recipes Without Reducing Its Nutrient Value

The majority of people don’t have much problem with the taste of bee pollen, especially if they take it in convenient capsule form. For some, however, the flavor isn’t acceptable. Others have chosen to take more than the basic one-tablespoon or three-capsule dose.

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