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An aesthetic expert has revealed how Adele has a more defined and sculpted facial appearance following her reported seven stone weight loss, suggesting the possibility of a few subtle non-invasive tweakments.


Dr Chike Emeagi, Medical Director of Hampstead Aesthetics Clinic and Dr Chike Clinics, explained how you would expect the British singer, 32, to have more sagging skin post-weight loss, but says she has retained her cheek volume and define jawline, indicating the possible use of dermal fillers to restore facial volume loss. 

Meanwhile, Dr Lucy Glancey, from Glancey Clinics, noted Adele’s slightly higher eyebrows and wider eyes, which could be tell-tale signs of Botox. 

Adele is rumoured to have shed a whopping seven stone (100lbs) due to a reported calorie-controlled diet of ‘green juice and 1000 calories-a-day’. And she showed off her incredible weight loss in a tight black mini in a rare Instagram post on Tuesday.

The Hello singer was celebrating her 32nd birthday and stood beaming in her backyard behind a giant floral wreath.

Pictured left, Adele with a fuller face at the BRIT Awards in 2011, and right, following her seven stone weight loss in a tight black mini as she posed up on her Instagram on Tuesday while celebrating her 32nd birthday in her backyard

The suggestions of possible non-invasive treatments come after Adele told Time back in 2015: ‘I don’t want to have plastic surgery. I’m going to look like this forever. Deal with it. Once you deal with it, you feel more calm about it.’ 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Dr Chike said: ‘She appears healthy and radiant. The results of her weight loss programme has given her a svelte frame and clearly a more defined and sculpted facial appearance.

‘Post weight loss, our clients especially in Adele’s age group tend to have non-invasive treatments to treat the effects of sagging skin and the resulting facial volume loss.

‘She has retained her beautiful cheek volume and has a well defined jawline, which could indicate the use dermal fillers to restore facial volume loss. 

‘She may have also used advanced skin tightening laser therapy or radio-frequency to stimulate collagen production, for instant tightening and lifting to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. These treatments can work well around the eyes, jawline and neck and arms.’

Adele’s friend Lauren Paul shared this throwback to when they were in Vegas together, along with Nicole Richie and Jedidiah Jenkins as she wished her a happy birthday

The Hello singer with her fuller figure attending the 85th Annual Academy Oscar Awards in 2013 (right)

Adele seen before her weight loss in 2016, right, and after her weight loss, left

Her birthday picture marked Adele’s first Instagram upload since she stunned the world with her new svelte frame in photos from her Christmas party last year.

The mother-of-one first unveiled her surprise transformation at Drake’s birthday last October, following her split from husband Simon Konecki, with whom she shares seven-year-old son Angelo.   

And Dr Lucy Glancey, from Glancey Clinics, believes that while weight loss can certainly change a face and our features, there are a few suggestions that Adele may have had a few, albeit subtle tweakments.

‘Her jawline appears sharper and tighter, which is unusual with drastic weight loss as the skin will often droop, so I believe she may have had a combination of fillers and Botox in the lower jawline to make it appear more pronounced,’ she commented.

‘Her skin looks incredibly fresh faced and line free, which isn’t unusual for her age, but given the drastic weight loss you’d certainly expect a loss of volume which would cause the skin to droop and appear less tight. 

Adele’s birthday photograph was her first Instagram upload since she stunned the world with her new svelte frame in photos from her Christmas party last year

Adele slipped into a shimmering gown reminiscent of Old Hollywood and posed up a storm beside men dressed as the Grinch and Santa Claus

The mother-of-one unveiled her surprise transformation at Drake’s birthday last October, following her split from husband Simon Konecki, with whom she shares seven-year-old son Angelo

She may well have also had filler placed in the cheek area as that’s where you’d expect to see significant loss of volume and the appearance of hollow cheeks but they appear to be nicely rounded and youthful looking.  

‘Her eyes look wider and further apart which is often a tell tale sign of Botox to open up the eye area. It is highly likely in my opinion that she has had some botox to tighten around the eyes and possibly filler in her nasolabial folds too. The work is all very subtle and combined with her incredible weight loss she looks fabulous!’

She added: ‘Adele has always had voluptuous shaped lips but they look as though she may have had a tiny amount of filler placed in them over the years for a more pronounced ‘bee stung’ appearance. 

‘Alongside this I’d say she likely has regular lasers in her skin and possible peels to keep it in tip top condition.’

The expert went on to say that the hit-maker’s eyebrows are a different shape and darker, which is likely down to microblading and make-up, but they also appear slightly higher which could be a sign of Botox. 

She commented: ‘Botox in the brow area is increasingly common and as well as lifting the forehead without the need for surgery, creates more defined brows and the eye area appears smoother and more ‘awake’ looking.’

Seen before her weight loss: Adele at the Mercury Music Prize 2008 at Grosvenor House Hotel at the beginning of her fame

Adele has always looked beautiful but looks drastically different to when she appeared at London’s Brit Awards in February 2016

Aesthetic doctor Dr David Jack has also questioned whether Adele’s transformation is down to weight loss, or a little help from tweakments. 

‘Usually with dramatic weight loss, people experience fairly significant skin laxity in the face – weight loss almost always shows more dramatically on the face compared to other body areas,’ he said.

‘From her pictures she looks like she has none of this. It could just be good genetics but then again, it may be that she has had a skin tightening treatment such as Morpheus8 which is used to subtly lift and treat any laxity in the skin without surgery. 

‘She might have had a bit of subtle revolumisation with dermal fillers such as Juvederm voluma also. If these are done correctly then they should look very natural – not the ‘filler face’ that you sometimes see.’

‘Botox could be another likely treatment – pretty much everyone in the public eye does this treatment these days. Nowadays, Botox isn’t used to completely paralyse muscles – so the frozen faced look of the 90s is generally a thing of the past. 

‘Good practitioners generally try to maintain facial expressions and use Botox just to lift areas of the face and very subtly relax fine lines.’

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