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Before you go to sleep each night, your tummy may start to tumble. This happens because your body tries to get rid of extra weight. If you ignore it, you will just toss around all night and wake up famished. According to the latest study, it has been shown that you can start losing weight each night by taking certain snacks before going to bed.


However, you should choose healthy food and make sure you stay within your daily calorie goals. No particular food eaten before sleep can help you lose weight. However, if taking a light snack before bed helps you sleep better and keep you from overeating the following morning, then that particular food or drink helps you lose weight.

Calorie deficit

When trying to lose weight, the most important factor is creating a calorie deficit by taking fewer calories than what your body burns every day. By doing so, you highly burn extra fat and lose weight drastically up to and even past your level target. If you are having a plan of snacking before bed, make a choice that allows only the required amounts of calories to each meal and ensures that you do not overeat in any case.

Nonalcoholic beverages

Besides staying within your calorie goals for the day, you have to make sure your snack does not interrupt your ability to get a good night rest and sleep. You should also avoid eating or drinking anything that contains caffeine which is a stimulant and could keep you up all night. In addition, avoid fatty foods which take a very long time to digest as this can really disrupt your sleep. Avoid spicy foods before you go to sleep, this is especially recommended for those prone to heartburn. In that case, drinks and beverages are the ones much advised since they do not require the same digestion as other bulky foods. For this case, wines and other non-alcoholic drinks are much advised. However, everything should be done with moderation as excess of everything has consequences.

Wine as a bedtime snack

Snacking is a daily habit of many people, however it is very unhealthy. If one enjoys a cup of wine, then he/she should consider wines over snacks. As research explains, wine comes out to be the perfect night cap. This is the best way to kill the hunger that you feel before going to bed. In addition, it is known for its ability to improve sex life and deal with diabetic life though in a passive manner. A glass or several glasses of wine makes one feel extra full and cravings for unhealthy snacks like chocolate, biscuits and sweets disappear. Research carried out for 13 years by Harvard University supports the general idea that a cup or two of wine before going to bed helps in weight loss since it suppresses ones appetite reducing the need for other high calorie snacks. Also, one who drinks wine before going to sleep reduces the chances of obesity.

Apart from the above, one needs to moderate the amount of wine taken in order to attain success. Studies show that chocolate snacks and cakes may as well be something of the past if you drink wine instead. If you want to sleep well, experience less anxiety and curb your hunger, keep your wine night cup to one or two glasses daily.

Other benefits of wine

Wine works out similarly to drinking water several minutes before having any meal. Wine quenches out the high appetite that one may be having. Additionally, extensive research has been done with red wine and the findings have been much impressive. The results suggest that wine in moderation promotes a longer life, protects one from cancer,  reduces the need for medicines and other health products, enhances high mental health and provides benefits to the heart thus reducing the risks of getting heart attack or stroke.


You should keep in mind that for some people, alcohol can impair sleep to a certain level. It tends to induce sleep at first but in real sense, it does not. Studies have shown that one who drinks too much is likely to wake up during the night and may also feel tired in the morning. However, it is advised that you drink responsibly. In short, when taken in moderation as a bedtime snack, wine can directly or indirectly help you lose weight.

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